Professional rope access cleaning services

As a leading rope access company in Chennai, we ensure that all the advantages of the technique are used for the full benefit of the customer in an industrial cleaning setup. However, this is not a factor by which we limit ourselves or force on the customer. In cases necessary, specialized work at height equipment and booms are also used.

Industrial cleaning can include

1)    Cleaning of factory roofs, floors, heights, gutters and inaccessible areas
2)    Cleaning of warehouses
3)    Cleaning of the roof truss
4)    Cleaning of industrial chimneys
5)    Cleaning of roofs

At CP Industrial, we also offer painting services in addition to the above.

We are a multi-disciplinary team of experts and we have some of the best rope access technicians on our rolls. Further, our years of experience and judgement gained from practical experience helps us navigate incredible complexity in job description or in building structure easily.

We also offer our expertise to the services sector with our façade cleaning services. So whether you are looking for industrial painting contractors, industrial chimney cleaning, gutter cleaning services, a rope access company or a industrial roof cleaning service in Chennai or anywhere in India, we are here for you!

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