Industrial cleaning services

C P Industrial (CPI) is one of the leading Industrial Cleaning & Industrial Painting Service companies in India. CPI undertakes and provides solutions for the various work at heights services like Factory Roof Truss Cleaning & Paintings, Chimney Paintings and any other work at heights with extreme risks. We provide services without the use of expensive heavy machinery, thereby providing our clients the optimal results within affordable rates.

Chimney Painting

CPI’ Industrial Chimney Painting Services can help make your place & facilities safer. We do paint any type of chimneys like Concrete Chimneys, Brick Chimneys, Steel Industrial Chimneys & Flare Stacks.

We can work on a range of facilities and structures including steel towers and bridges, multiple vacuum towers, flare stacks, steel boiler stacks, crude heater and hydro cat cracker stacks, tanks, vessels, silos, ductwork, structural steel, pipe bridges, factory chimneys and other plant components.

Roof Truss Cleaning

Our team of height access and cleaning professionals are well experienced in cleaning all kinds of overhead surfaces including ceiling, ceiling support, roof support, truss, pipe, conduit, duct, HVAC, beam, fan, tank, process equipment, sprinkler head, electrical wire, light fixture, rack, shelf, I-beam, high wall and any other industrial or commercial surface. As a part of industrial cleaning service we also remove spider web, dirt, dust, cobweb, heat web, oil, grease, particulate matter, powder, metal dust and any other contamination including loose overhead soils that accumulate on horizontal and vertical ceiling related surfaces.

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